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For polish – british couples – there is great opportunity to organise wedding in Poland. There is a lot of beautiful, old palaces, manor houses in greens accommodated to organise such events.

We have great music bands for wedding in a church (the man with a bag – pipe, string quartet, brass quintet, gospel choir) and other for dancing time (Gentle Jazz Trio + dj, cover bands).

Our bands consist of professional musicians. For more information and music samples go to:

Check documents required for foreigners wishing to get married in Poland

The Cost of Getting Married in the UK and in POLAND

In 2004 the average wedding in the UK cost £16,000, and prices have risen since then, it now stands at a staggering £18,500. Of course there is no need to get caught up in Competitive Wedding Syndrome, none of it is actually necessary. You can simply get married and live happily ever after.

Wedding in Poland in 2009 for 50 people costs more less 15 000 zł (3100 £), for 100 guests - 30 000 zł (6150 £). You can spend the rest of your money for hi quality music (in church and in ball room), food, cars or special shows.

Video of Gentle Jazz Trio playing live:

Check our bands on:


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